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  • Is it safe to vape expired juice?

    Some vape juice's come with expiration dates. Others come with a date of creation. Most, however, come with no dates. How is one to know if it is safe to vape older juice?
  • What are the most popular vape flavors?

    The most popular vape flavors are: Strawberry Cream Vanilla Custard Blueberry Waffle Watermelon Candy Caramel
  • What's the best fruity vape juice?

    The best fruit vapes: Blue Dragon by eJuice Company 8 Islands Nectar by Flavor Bomb Betty by Pinup Vapors Dragpomchee by White Label Juice Shurb by Jimmy the Juice Man
  • Does vaping taste like cigarettes?

    Here are our bestselling cigarette flavors: Tobacco by You Got e-Juice (bold) Classic Gold by OFE (light) Jon Wayne by Uncle Junk (sweet) Southern Star by Left Coast (pipe) Newpoe by Left Coast (similar to Newport)
  • How long does 120ml vape juice last?

    If you get one of these 120ml bottles, about how long will it last? Well, it depends on a few factors: How frequently you vape. If you vape all day on a SMOK TFV12 tank or similar, you'll probably go through 5-10ml of juice a day, so the bottle should last around two weeks. How big your coils are. If your setup is a single coil, the juice will last longer. If you have a crazy sextuple coils setup, you'll burn through it quickly. How many different flavors you vape. Most vapers need to rotate more than one flavor through their devices to avoid boredom. The more vape juice flavors you vape, the longer they'll last.
  • What is 50 50 E liquid?

    Vape juice is made up of four ingredients: Vegetable Glycerin (VG) Propylene Glycol (PG) Flavoring Nicotine (optional) When a vape juice is labeled as 50/50, it refers to the VG PG ratio, meaning it is half vegetable glycerin and half propylene glycol.
  • What vape flavors are there?

    The top vape juice flavors in 2018 are: Strawberry Cream Vanilla Custard Blueberry Cheesecake Sugar Cookie Menthol Tobacco
  • What's in a vape juice?

    Usually, the answer to this question is simple. Four things: Vegetable Glycerin (VG) Propylene Glycol (PG) Flavoring Nicotine (Optional)
  • What are the best e juices?

    The Best e-Juices: Blue Dragon by eJuice Company Sugar Cookie by You Got e-Juice Milk of the Poppy by Left Coast Killer Kustard Strawberry by Vapetasia Blue Slushie by Crown
  • Can I use any e liquid in my vape?

    A general guide for choosing e-liquid is: If you're using a tank, go with vape juice 70% VG or under. 50% VG will work best. If you're using a rebuildable atomizer, stick with high VG juice -- 80% or higher. If you're using a pod system, make sure the vape juice contains nicotine salts, not regular nic. Don't use nic salts in anything but pods.
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