Does vaping taste like cigarettes?

People who are trying to quit smoking often turn to vaping. Based on feedback we've gotten, vaping seems to be one of the more effective ways to make the switch. Often, smokers are so used to the taste of their cigarettes, they need a similar flavor in their vape juice.

We have lots of tobacco flavored vape juice, which come close to tasting like traditional cigarettes, cigars, chew, and snuff. It's best to check the descriptions and reviews to see if the tobacco flavor matches the cigarettes you've enjoyed. Here are our bestselling cigarette flavors:

  1. Tobacco by You Got e-Juice (bold)
  2. Classic Gold by OFE (light)
  3. Jon Wayne by Uncle Junk (sweet)
  4. Southern Star by Left Coast (pipe)
  5. Newpoe by Left Coast (similar to Newport)

There are lots of tobacco flavors. If you are used to a bit of menthol, we have those options as well, including Tobacco Menthol by You Got e-Juice.

If you're brand new to vaping and need a complete setup, consider picking up a JUUL system. The starter kit comes with four sample pods, including a tobacco flavor. It's simple to use; just charge, snap on a pod, and inhale.

Shop for cigarette tasting vape juice here.

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