Collection: Replacement Tanks - New glass, resin tanks for tank atomizers.

Replacement tanks sections for various tank atomizers including the highly-popular SMOK tanks. Glass tanks are especially fragile, so it's a great idea to stock up on replacement tanks for your device. Also, if you'd like to customize the look of your tank, our replacement tanks come in a large variety of colors.

You have many options for SMOK tanks. The newest SMOK tanks allow for bubble or wide replacement glass and resin sections. The wide versions allow for more e-liquid to be held in your tank. These bubble sections also come in many colors including blue, red, and black as well as clear.

If you want a unique look, consider the fantastic Blitz Kits. You'll get a matching tank and tip that has a swirl of colors. These Blitz Tanks are made from high-quality less-breakable resin. If your mod tips over, these tanks will usually hold, whereas glass tanks tend to shatter. We now have Blitz Kits for Horizon and FreeMax Tanks as well as all SMOK tanks.

Even if you have one of the older tanks, you may be able to find a matching replacement tank here. Make sure you get one that fits. For example, with SMOK tanks, they are not cross compatible. The TFV8 kits don't fit the TFV4 or TFV12, and so on. Also, some older tanks are clones which might be slightly off-size. Our replacement tanks are made for the original authentic tanks, not clones.

Shop our vast variety of glass and resin replacement tanks and replacement kits for your vape tank devices.

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