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Batteries and Battery Chargers are here. We stock rechargeable batteries for your mechanical and regulated mod devices including the most popular 18650 size in many brands in a variety of mAh and amperage. We also have battery chargers and accessories, including adapters and battery wraps. If you're looking for a well-trusted, top battery brand, consider buying MXJO batteries.

Battery safety is extremely important for your vape setups. Make sure you have the right battery from a reputable manufacturer. Always check your vape batteries before installing or recharging them to make sure the wrap isn't compromised. Also, especially if you are using a mechanical mod, be sure the device is correctly vented in case your battery fails.

To extend the life of your vape batteries, it's best to run them almost empty before charging, then charge the batteries completely before using them again. If your device takes more than one battery, it's best to pair the same type and model batteries at the same level of charge in your vape mod; otherwise, your device could malfunction. When traveling with or storing your batteries, it is best to have them in a silicone or plastic sleeve or case to keep the metal poles from touching and sparking.

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