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50mg Nicotine Level e Juice is one of the highest levels of nicotine available for vaping systems. Nicotine salts create high nic levels, designed for use in vape pod systems with refillable pods like the SMOK Novo, Nord, and Infinix as well as the Suorin Drop. Do NOT use this 50mg nic level liquid in traditional drippers and tanks as it would be way too harsh at such a high level. This high nic level juice is mostly for smokers who are trying to transition away from smoking multiple packs of cigarettes a day. Those people are used to high nicotine intake so that this level may work best for them. Others should consider much lower nic levels.

The newest 50mg nic salt liquid to jump onto our shelves is from the impressive Dinner Lady e-liquid line. Their Lemon Tart has been a bestseller in the non-nic salt versions at 0-6mg nicotine levels. This new 50mg nic level Lemon Tart with nicotine salts is the same recipe, designed for pod system usage. Check it out.

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