How long does 120ml vape juice last?

When we first started selling vape juice in 2013, almost all of it came in 15ml glass dropper bottles. Nowadays, most flavors come in 60ml and 120ml sizes. The main reason for the larger bottle is because of how vape tanks have evolved.

The original tiny atomizers barely held 1ml of vape juice. The coils were small, so very little vape juice was vaporized in each inhale. The new tanks now hold up to 8ml of vape juice and are loaded with numerous, huge coils. Each firing of the newer coils vaporizes quite a bit of e-liquid, creating massive clouds.

If you get one of these 120ml bottles, about how long will it last? Well, it depends on a few factors:

  • How frequently you vape. If you vape all day on a SMOK TFV12 tank or similar, you'll probably go through 5-10ml of juice a day, so the bottle should last around two weeks.
  • How big your coils are. If your setup is a single coil, the juice will last longer. If you have a crazy sextuple coils setup, you'll burn through it quickly.
  • How many different flavors you vape. Most vapers need to rotate more than one flavor through their devices to avoid boredom. The more vape juice flavors you vape, the longer they'll last.

Our top 120ml vape juice sellers are:

  1. Sugar Cookie by You Got e-Juice
  2. Unicorn Milk by Cuttwood
  3. Blue Dragon by eJuice Company
  4. Blueberry Creme Brulee by Creme de la Creme
  5. Crazy Cookie by Little Head

The prices on the 120ml bottles have come down quite a bit, so you might want to pick up 3-4 of them at once. They should last you at least a month or two.

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