Can I use any e liquid in my vape?

Until recently, the answer would have been "yes" most of the time. The exception is that e-liquid with high VG concentrations (over 80%) is very thick and will not feed into older vape tanks well. The newer tanks, like the TFV12 from SMOK, all handle high VG liquids well enough.

A general guide for choosing e-liquid is:

  • If you're using a tank, go with vape juice 70% VG or under. 50% VG will work best.
  • If you're using a rebuildable atomizer, stick with high VG juice -- 80% or higher.
  • If you're using a pod system, make sure the vape juice contains nicotine salts, not regular nic. Don't use nic salts in anything but pods.

If you are using a rebuildable atomizer (RBA or RDA), you can use higher VG liquids because you are dripping the thick liquid onto your cotton. Many find the max VG liquids perfectly suited for RBA because the thick juice sticks to the cotton better and causes less leakage. Also, the higher the VG, the bigger the clouds, if you're into that sort of thing.

This year, vaping pod systems became super popular. Those miniature devices don't hold as much vape juice so they work using vape juice with nicotine salts, often at higher nic concentrations of 1.2% all the way up to 7%. If you try to use regular vape juice in a pod with non-salt nicotine, you'll find that the juice isn't as satisfying because the nic delivery isn't efficient.

Some vapers ask if they can use nic salts liquid in vape tanks and drippers that are not pod systems. Sure, you can, but we would not recommend it. The reason is that those devices vaporize much more vape juice than pods do, which means you'll get a much higher concentration of nicotine delivered with the vape. That will make the vape experience very harsh with stinging throat hits.

The best way to find the ideal vape juice is to either buy sample packs, like the ones from You Got e-Juice, or buy a few smaller bottles and see which flavors and nic levels work best for you in your device. Be patient. There are thousands of vape juices on the market. Once you find one you love, it will be easier to shop for similar flavors.

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