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Regulated Devices for vaping include Variable Voltage, Variable Wattage, and Temperature Control Vape Devices. These vape mods allow you to adjust the amount of power sent to your atomizer so that you receive the vape experience you prefer. Higher outputs typically cause more vaporization, meaning more massive vapor clouds. Lower outputs will provide less vapor and may be more appropriate for high nic level juices.

Always be sure to use the proper vape batteries for your device (consult the manual). When installing mod batteries, make sure they are the same type and brand, and they are fully charged. You should pair the batteries, and always use and charge them together for consistently good performance and battery safety.

New regulated vape devices allow you to use any vape coil, including stainless steel coils for temperature control. Temp control is pretty impressive in that it prevents burning your cotton, ruining your coils, giving you a more consistent vape experience.

The most popular vape mod brand has been SMOK. SMOK makes very high-quality vaping devices including mods and tanks. Whether you're in the market for a new SMOK tank (we have the TFV4, TFV8, and TFV12 versions) or one of their amazing mods, you'll be pleased with the style and build of SMOK devices.

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