What's the best fruity vape juice?

Fruit vape lovers frequently ask us what we recommend as the best fruit vape juice. As always, we can tell you which ones we like the best and which ones are the best sellers, but taste is very subjective, so this is no simple task. At MaxVaping's online vape shop the current bestselling fruity vape juices are:

  1. Blue Dragon by eJuice Company
  2. Melon Dive by Little Head
  3. Tropical Delight by You Got e-Juice
  4. Berry Breeze by Left Coast (also comes in Nic Salts)
  5. Strawberry Pervert by White Label Juice

Try any of those fruit vapes above and you will not be disappointed. Just check the reviews and you'll get a better idea of why people love them.

At MaxVaping we receive many new e-juice release samples each week and we try them all. With our warehouses relatively full, new juice needs to blow us away to be added to our catalog. Most of us enjoy fruity vape juice, so I've collected staff opinions, and here are our staff picks for the best fruit vapes:

  1. Blue Dragon by eJuice Company
  2. 8 Islands Nectar by Flavor Bomb
  3. Betty by Pinup Vapors
  4. Dragpomchee by White Label Juice
  5. Shurb by Jimmy the Juice Man

You can easily shop your favorite fruit flavor by using the search box on the top left or scroll through the menu. You can find the bestselling fruity vape juices here.

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