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30mg Nicotine Level e Juice is a high nic level e-liquid designed to be used in vape pod systems that have refillable pods, such as the Aspire Breeze and SMOK Infinix. Do NOT use this 30mg nic level juice or anything over 24mg nic levels in RBA drippers and vaping tanks, because at that nic level the vapor will be excessively harsh to inhale. These high nic level juices usually are made with nic salts. Only excessive smokers who are trying to switch over to vaping should consider using this high 30mg nic level and only in refillable pod systems.

Dinner Lady, one of the most popular vape brands we carry, has released the first 30mg nic level vape juice designed to be used in refillable pod systems. Their most popular e-juice flavor has been Lemon Tart, and that's the first one to be released in 30mg nic levels.

If you're looking for nic salts juice that is a little milder, consider Left Coast e-Liquids. They released 12mg nic salts and 24mg nic salts versions of all of their highly-popular affordable e-juices. These are made for pod systems. The quality of the nic salts and flavoring they use is top-notch, which you can taste at first inhale. Consider trying Milk of the Poppy and you'll be amazed.

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