e-Liquid Review - Wastegate, Chewy, Moshi

I hear occasional whining about e-liquid prices. Vapers need to realize that prices for e-liquid are primarily set by the manufacturer and distributor. We can run specials, but they request that we use the MSRP otherwise. Prices between lines vary quite a bit. I find, as with other products, you get what you pay for. The more expensive juices are prepared, steeped, and packaged better, and they use finer ingredients. I'd say it's well worth spending a few extra dollars to find an ADV.

Again, this month I used our new Cumulus Maximus RDA for tasting with our MaxVaping Coils and Cotton Bacon. I've been using temperature control so I can avoid changing cotton so often.

Here are the e-liquids I'm clouding with this month:

Boosted: Wastegate – We added this line recently, and I'm impressed by the quality of their product. Wastegate is the most popular flavor in this line, and I can see why. They captured a fine raspberry flavor (most others taste chemical-y) and added a creamy finish. Almost like a raspberry jelly danish. Excellent with very little throat hit.

Teleos Remixed: Chewy – Granola is a new flavor that companies are starting to add to liquids. It's a toasted oat or almond flavor that goes well when mixed with fruit and cream. Teleos created this one to taste like a yogurt breakfast bar, and they nailed it. Their entire line is quite good, in fact. Well worth the $21.99 price for 30ml.

Drops Ahoy: Peanut Butter – So many attempts have been made at chocolate and peanut butter. Very few have done it well. Usually, the chocolate tastes burnt and the PB is just plain peanut. BUT, the Drops Ahoy fellas found the key. Both their flavors remind me of a soft Tall-house cookie pulled from the oven. Sweet and delicious, complemented by a peanut butter flavor as if they buried PB M&Ms in the cookie. If you're a dessert fan, try this one.

Royal Heights: Red Whip – I received samples from these guys, and was impressed by everyone. My favorites are Red Whip and Beso Dulce (sweet kiss). Red Whip is their strawberry shortcake or cream flavor. I love it as much as Mother's Milk and Unicorn Milk. It is distinct from those others, though. It's a deeper, less-sweet liquid. The nic in this is strong, as it packs quite a throat kick. If you're into fruit creams, give this a shot. You won't be disappointed.

Moshi: Roncesvalles – This is a new line out of Toronto, Canada. I was blown away by the quality and packaging. The bottles are frosted black, which keeps the nic from turning orange from light exposure. The only flavor in this line I wasn't crazy about was Old Mill, and that's because I never smoked. If you want a cigarette flavor, get that one. Otherwise, you have to try Roncesvalles. It's a sweet honeydew and cantaloupe melon combo, steeped just right, and amazing. 50% VG, so it works great in tanks. Once you try one of their flavors, you'll wind up wanting the entire line. Great stuff, eh.

That’s it for this month. Vape on, my friends!


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