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New e-Liquid Releases!

Hot Topic: Max VG - I've found there's some confusion about Max or High VG liquids. Here's the safest bet: If you're using a tank atomizer, don't put high VG liquid in it. I realize there are some great new tanks that are similar to drippers (Kayfun, Atlantis, Subtank), but I find even those don't perform well with all high VG liquids. The reason, I am told, is that VG is thick and syrupy compared to PG. That makes it harder for the tanks to properly wick the fluid, causing dry (burned cotton) and low-flavor hits. The opposite doesn't apply, as thick and thin liquids both usually do well in drippers. I just find the Max VG liquids need time to soak in before vaping. Try dripping some on your coil, fire it for a second, drip more. That seems to draw the fluid in better.

Now, for this month's latest ditties.

Kiss My Chris P's Cream - Love this stuff. It has one of the best vanilla/cream combos I've tasted. Kiss My Vapes describes it as "donuts and cream," which, I have to admit, sums it up. Somehow they captured the donut flavoring. If you're a cream fan, you'll love this. The nic is strong in this, so there's a heavy throat kick.

Honeysuckle Apple Crisp - The latest release from Ripe Vapes is another home run. It's 75% VG, so best to use this in drippers. The cloud production is phenomenal. The flavor is rich, like Mom's warm apple pie, and the honeysuckle balances and smooths it out, giving a unique vaping experience. Highly recommend, if you enjoy dessert vapes. The nic is subtle in this line.

Love Potion - This is one of the first juices I tasted years ago, and it's still a go-to. I love their packaging, even though it comes without a dropper. It's a perfectly captured sour apple flavor with a cool breeze finish. They say there's no menthol or mint, so I have no idea how they made this awesome combination. Maybe peppermint? Whatever it is, I love it, and you will too. Cool and refreshing.

Texas Dollie - Nobody packages e-liquid better than High Roller Sweets. Their juices come packed in a fancy black cylinder with gold foil. Inside you find a glass die cube and dropper, packed in shredded money. They aren't cheap, but you get 35ml, and this is top-shelf stuff. Their Caribbean Stud is always a best-seller, and their latest release, Texas Dollie, is another killer vape. It's a delicious yellow cake flavor without being too sweet. Great cloud producer. I hear they may be coming out with something between their 0mg and 5mg nic levels for the drippers. Check 'em out. You'll wind up collecting their bottles.

Trickz - Cereal vapes are the latest craze, especially here in California. For those who say vapes are targeted to kids because of cereal and candy vapes, I say, "Go F yourself. I'm 53, and I still love Cap'n Crunch and Red Vines." So, if you are digging the cereal flavors like I do, you have to check out R&D Creations Trickz. They perfectly captured the flavor of Trix cereal. Sweet, fruity, and creamy. I love it. The nic is subtle here, with a low to medium throat hit. If you haven't tried a cereal vape yet, give this a go and it will likely become an ADV.

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