e-Liquid Review - The Milkman, Big Mike, I Love Donuts

Our rewards program is live! Plus, gallons and gallons of new e-liquid releases.

Did you know you receive rewards points for every purchase? Yup. You get 10 for every dollar. After you accumulate 1500 points, you can begin redeeming them for $5-$50 off your next purchase. Also, all your past purchases count. We have one swell fella who accumulated 10,000 points already. Love ya, Barry!

New e-Liquid just in:

One Hit Wonder: The Milk Man - I was hesitant to stock this stuff because they only come in 180ml bottles. That's like buying a six-pack of 30s. Then I tried some. Got to admit they kicked monkey ass with these. The Milk Man is their strawberry cream (by far, the most popular e-liquid flavor on the market). This stuff is awesome. The strawberry tastes like the fruit, not the fake flavoring I encounter so often. The cream level is just right. The flavors are strong, and vapor produced is HUGE (80% VG). I tried the 3mg like I usually do, and the nic they use is amazingly smooth. Almost no throat hit. You really can't beat this deal as it comes to like $5 per 15ml. You also get two plastic squeeze bottles so you don't need to lug the whole beast around.

The Godvapor: Big Mike - This line is all combinations with tobacco. Now, I'm not a smoker, but I got to tell ya, these are exceptional. The tobacco flavor is just right and the combinations work quite well. Big Mike has tobacco combined with delicious creamy undertones. It's a thick, saturated flavor that I love and highly recommend. It's right up there with Jon Wayne and Hyperion. There's a medium-sized throat hit from the nic. If you like tobacco, you'll not be disappointed.

Dr. Juice: Scarlet Eclipse - Finally, I found a strawberry fruit combination without the cream that still has the enjoyability. This stuff rocks. In fact, I'm impressed with the entire line. I can tell they use top-quality ingredients just by smelling the juice. This flavor combines lemons with the strawberry, giving it a tart and sweet combination that works quite well. They are on the 60% VG level, so this would work fine in any tank. There is a small-medium throat hit. Refreshing and delish!

Mad Hatter: I Love Donuts - I certainly do! I have no idea how they captured the powdered sugar end of this but, DAMN, this is epic juice right here! It reminds me of the days of getting a fresh, warm blueberry filled frosted doughnut from Dunkin Donuts. YUM! I dripped this and was absolutely floored. The packaging (kinda borrowed some ideas from Vaping Rabbit's Milkman) is cool, as it looks like a pink box of donuts, wax paper and all. We can't seem to keep this stuff on the shelves, so when you see it, get some.

Chapter XII: Hemingway - Here's another fruit custard, but this one has a Bavarian cream twist. Hard to describe. Maybe more doughy? This line of juice is primo quality with strong flavors and high-quality nic and ingredients. I received the entire line of samples and didn't find a single one I didn't love. It's high on the VG side (70%), so you might want to drip this one. Great, thick cloud production and the right levels of fruit and cream. Try this line, and you'll find a blockbuster!

As always, feel free to comment below ... agree, disagree, whatevs. Also, if there's a new line you'd like me to try/add, please email me at phil@maxvaping.com and I'll give it a go.

Vape on, my brothers and sisters!


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