e-Liquid Review - Yoghurt, Illuminati, Lemon Cheesecake

Flavor trends have moved quickly this year from cereal to donuts to yogurt. I tasted dozens of each last month at ECC and found a few keepers for sure. Also, I’ve had a few discussions about steeping. I understand that time changes flavors, including how and where it is stored (sun, dark, cool, warm), and how long it has sat. Some vapers go to extremes to open, close, shake, heat, stir, cool, etc. My feeling is the juice should be optimal when I buy it. If not, the vendor has no business selling it.

Also, with all the sub-ohm tanks flooding the market, there are new options to keep us from dripping and driving. Some of the RTAs even handle the thicker (high VG) liquids after priming. Still, I find I get the most flavor in a dripper. This month I used our new Cumulus Maximus RDA for tasting. This thing is a two-post beast (check it out).

Here are the e-liquids that blew me away this month:

Flavies Juicy Brew: Yoghurt – When I think yogurt, I usually think the cheesy, slightly sour, creamy stuff in the plastic cup, not the ice cream substitute. And, I’m not a huge yogurt fan, but this stuff is excellent. It has a unique creamy flavor (yes, they captured the true yogurt), and it is smoother than any custard I’ve had. Great cloud producer with almost zero throat hit. You can’t go wrong with this one if you’re curious about yogurt vapes. Brewell Vapory also has two yogurts in their MYLK series, which we should be adding in the near future.

Propaganda: Illuminati – I met these guys at ECC, and enjoyed all of their juices. I could quickly smell and taste the quality they take very seriously. The Illuminati is their top flavor, and I can see why. It has a great balance of orange, pineapple, and strawberry without being overly sweet. Very refreshing. Medium throat hit.

The REAL – Lemon Cheesecake – This line has three different cheesecakes, and they nailed all three (lemon, strawberry, and NY). I love the lemon most because the sour lemon seems to compliment the cake-iness. Low throat hit, and I recommend a dripper for this as it is very thick ... but, YUM, you will fall in love.

Scoops: Strawberry Crunch – This is quickly becoming a popular new line of dessert vapes. These guys captured the cake batter flavor better than most others and strawberry toasty flavor makes it taste like a warm waffle with berries and cream. Very delish. Medium throat hit.

Flathead Fluid: Rumble Seat – Are you becoming bored with all flavors beginning to taste the same? Well, this one you have to try, and it’s not like anything you’ve tried before. In the way that CBM presents something new and amazing, this e-liquid somehow captures the warm sweet taste of kettle corn. I was absolutely floored at first inhale. Pretty decent throat hit too. Step outside the theater and try it!

That’s it for this month. Vape on, my friends!


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