e-Liquid Review - Milk of the Poppy, La Dasha

Tanks a lot. 2015 has been the year of the sub-ohm tank! Got to admit, there are many good ones out there and they are approaching the vape quality of a dripper. Can't beat the convenience. Just kind of sucks when you like switching flavors constantly like I do. Oh, well. Guess we can keep a dozen tanks in the rotation.

Tons of new juice out and, again, this month I used our new Cumulus Maximus RDA for tasting.

Here are the e-liquids I'm vaping this month:

Blue Dot Vapors - Milk of the Poppy: Usually, you get what you pay for in the juice world. Cheap juices are usually simple, single flavor, and rarely ADVs. This is an exception in a big way. It's a creamy complex mix with a fruity undertone that we can't keep on the shelves. A big reason is the price: $10 for 50ml. That's crazy, I know. We only stock the 70/30 PG/VG ratio, which works great in both tanks and drippers. I promise this juice will blow you away.

Wanderlust - Lemon Trifecta: Here's a new line I heard about while watching YouTube reviews. I'm a big dessert fans and I'm getting burned out on strawberry. This is a great alternative. I filled my Horizon Arctic Turbo with it, and now that tank drains faster than my sink. It kind of reminds me of those lemon squares you can find at coffee shops, but not as sour. This entire line is excellent. Give them a shot.

Vape Chemist - Vietnamese Iced Coffee: Being a coffee snob (I have two cappuccino machines, in case one breaks down), I'm forever searching for a decent coffee vape. There are very few I've found acceptable, and only Caviar from GQ was worthwhile to me. That is, until I discovered VIC. Wow, this stuff captures the highest quality coffee bean with a tiny hint of mint/menthol to give it the iced effect. Absolutely an ADV and you MUST try it if you're into coffee.

Five-0 - La Dasha: (Coming in December.) This line cracked me up when I saw the labels. Also, was a bit concerned the pig cartoons could be offensive to you know who. Then again, it's a free country, and this juice line is actually fantastic. The latest craze is donut flavors, and they cover them well in this line. La Dasha is my favorite, as it tastes exactly like a sticky bun with caramelized nuts on top. If you prefer the sweeter donut flavors, you'll love this line. If you prefer the baked/glazed flavoring, try Versauce or Glazed. All good stuff. Hope it sticks!

Slam Cake Vapes - Slam Cake: (Coming in December.) Another baked line, these samples came in 15ml unicorn bottles. I love those bottles, but it can be a pain to be careful not to touch the tip to hot coils (burned plastic is no bueno). Their flavors are all cupcake related. The Slam Cake blew me away. It has a complex blend of fruits, creams, and cakes and is on the sweet side, without overdoing it. I've already drained a bottle in a day. This one is going to be huge. We'll have the 30ml bottles in soon.

That’s it for this month. Vape on, my friends!


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