e-Liquid Review - Fruit Whip, Buzz, Twisted

I apologize for not doing one of these in months. We've been so busy getting all our regulatory compliance in line. Naturally, with the FDA regs, fewer new releases will be added in the near future. Still, we continue scouting for liquids to add. Here are some of the samples we've fallen in love with.

Kilo Fruit Whip - This tastes like they blended an entire fruit basket with vanilla ice cream. They got the balance of citrus and berries just right here. The flavor is strong and the nic has a medium hit. This is my new favorite in their line.

Modus Buzz - I really enjoy all four juices in this line. Buzz is one of the two newest ones. This juice follows the recent trend of raspberry flavor, and it is excellent. They added a bit of sour to make it more like a sour candy belt. Candy fans will enjoy this. Subtle nic.

Pretzel Boyz Twisted - Months before this came out I kept asking the manufacturers why there were no pretzel juices. They said they couldn't find the right flavoring. Well, the Pretzel Boyz certainly did. This tastes like the salty hot pretzel I'd get outside the Eagles' games. Unique and delicious. They're coming out with three others in this line very soon. Try this one and you'll be hooked.

Phillip Rocke Home Slice - As expected, this flavor genius has done it again. This perfectly captures Mom's fluffy lemon meringue pie, crust and all. Rocke just has a knack for juice. Browse his line and you'll find nothing but gems. Sure, they're not cheap, but you get what you pay for. Indulge!

Mad Hatter I Love Popcorn - These guys nailed it with cookie and donuts, so what else would we expect? This is as close to hot buttery popcorn in the theater as you could possibly get. I was amazed by how accurate this is. The nic is on the stronger side, but it balances well with the popcorn flavor. Just gotta shake my head ... great stuff!

Have a favorite you'd like to see us add to our shelves? Email me and let me know.

Vape on!


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