Nic Salts or Nicotine - What's the difference?

Now that vape pod systems like the JUUL have become very popular, you may have noticed that the vape juice in those systems includes nic salts. The main reason these smaller devices use salt derived nicotine is that the fluid is vaporized more efficiently when delivering a larger amount of nicotine. The nic salt is easier on your throat than the traditional nicotine vape juice.

This is why you find most nic salts e-liquid are 35mg or higher nicotine concentrations. The pod devices do not vaporize as much e-liquid as vape tanks, and way less than RBA setups. People who smoke a pack a day or more usually need more nicotine in their vape device to mimic the cigarettes. Also, the pod device is more similar to the smoking experience.

Keep in mind that the mg concentrations listed for vape juice are per ml. So, a 100ml bottle of 12mg nicotine level juice has a total of 1200mg of nicotine in the entire bottle. Your goal should always be to head towards 0mg of nicotine without going back to smoking cigarettes. There are some pod juices that are 60mg or even higher. Maybe try the 35mg or 50mg to see if that satisfies your nicotine craving before going any higher.

Nicotine is derived from tobacco leaves. The difference between the nic salts and traditional nic is how it is free-based -- with ammonia or benzoic acid. Traditional freebase nicotine (ammonia) has a higher pH requiring your vape devices to fire at higher temperatures to vaporize and deliver the nic. The salts versions (benzoic acid) have a lower pH and require less heat making them easier on the throat hits.

Pod systems come with pre-filled or refillable pods. We carry both here at MaxVaping. If you're looking to quit smoking in 2019, pick up a pod system and give it a try.

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