How much is a 30ml vape juice?

When we first began selling vape juice back in 2013, most of the brands and flavors came in 15ml bottles. Soon after, 30ml juice bottles started showing up. Roll forward to 2018 and most vape juice comes in 60ml, 100ml, and 120ml plastic squeeze (unicorn) bottles. Still, there are many 30ml vape juices available.

Here are our top 30ml vape juice flavors and their prices:

  1. Crown e-Liquid: $6.95
  2. Suicide Bunny: $14.95
  3. Jimmy the Juice Man: $17.95
  4. Little Head Vapor: $9.95
  5. Wolfpack OFE: $9.99

Like with most things you buy, you usually get what you pay for. The more expensive vape juice is typically (but not always) better. These vape juices are usually comprised of higher quality ingredients (PG, VG, nicotine, flavoring). Some are also pre-steeped to improve the flavor. The most expensive are even aged in wood barrels (see Phillip Rocke juices).

Keep in mind that the quality of the juice can be enhanced or nullified by your vaping set up. If your cotton is old or burned, no vape juice will taste good. If your coil does not vaporize liquid properly, you won't get enough flavor. (Try our Aliens, if you want to see how fine coils perform.) If your tank is not feeding the juice to the coils efficiently, you may have dry cotton hits. Finally, if your mod is not firing at the proper wattage based on the coils, you'll not get the best flavor.

Although most of the juice we carry is now in larger bottles, you can still find 30ml deals. Search around our site for your favorite flavors and see if the 30ml is still available. To save time, just look through the Crown selection of 30ml bottles, as all of their juice flavors are very good, especially for only $6.95.

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