How long does vape juice last?

Ever wonder if your vape juice expires or goes bad? Do you see an expiration or creation date on your vape juice bottle? Well, while you're right to be concerned, don't over-react because vape juice really doesn't "spoil" in the sense of becoming dangerous.

The ingredients in vape juice include primarily vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG), nicotine, and flavoring. VG and PG are both used as preservatives, so they really don't expire. Flavoring is artificial, so it doesn't spoil. The main ingredient that can change with age is nicotine.

If you notice your vape juice becoming darker in color (more orange, toward brown), that indicates that the nicotine is breaking down. This happens when the juice is exposed to air and light over a period of time. When nicotine breaks down, it doesn't become more dangerous, it just becomes less effective as a stimulant.

The best way to avoid this nicotine breaking down is to store your vape juice in an air-tight opaque bottle. Many vape juices now come in frosted or black squeeze bottles. If you buy one of these juices and keep it away from heat and keep the top on tightly, it should remain without the nicotine breaking down for a long time. We have some high-quality vape juices on our shelves for 4+ years and they are as good as the day they were created.

Some people prefer to steep their e-liquid. This usually involves exposing it to air and stirring or shaking the juice. This can enhance the flavor depending on how the juice was made and if it was aged. Much like when you age liquor, the steeping process can be beneficial or detrimental.

In all, we recommend against using anything that has passed its expiration date, or juice where the nicotine has oxidized. It's not worth keeping. Best to order new vape juice. But, if you must, we doubt you'll have any adverse effects from using expired juice other than a not-so-pleasant flavor or vaping experience.

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