How can I increase my vape flavor?

This is a typical question, especially from people new to vaping. There are many reasons why your vape juice isn't as flavorful as you like. It could be any combination of them, including your vaping hardware setup. Before tossing away your vape juice or tank, consider adjusting things that could affect the taste and flavor of your e-liquid.

The top contributing elements to vape juice flavor are:

  1. The quality of the vape juice. Some vape juice manufacturers do not use high concentrations of flavoring, or they use cheaper flavor ingredients. Many vape juices have not had time to steep, leaving the flavor more watered down. Consider steeping new liquid before using.
  2. The type of atomizer. Rebuilables will typically provide more flavor because you drip directly onto the coils the amount of liquid you prefer. Tanks may not feed the liquid as well, not saturating your coils enough.
  3. The VG/PG ratio of your vape juice. Higher VG liquids are typically much thicker and dense, which typically provide more flavor. Be careful, though, as high VG liquids may not work well in tanks.
  4. The wattage or temperature settings. Depending on the coils you are using, you may be running the setup too hot or not hot enough. Try adjusting in either direction to see if the flavor improves.
  5. The amount of airflow to the coils. The more airflow you have, the more plain air mixes with your vapor, diluting the flavor.
  6. The type and age of cotton. Make sure you use dense, organic, flavorless cotton and change it often. Old cotton tends to break down, brown, and hurt the flavor.
  7. The coils. This is often the main culprit. If you have your own coil setup in a rebuildable, make sure you use premium coils like the ones we sell. Our Fused Claptons and Aliens provide great flavor because the large coils vaporize a lot of liquid efficiently. If you are using a tank, try different coils at different wattages to see which works best for the juice you have in the tank.

If you're unhappy with the flavor coming from your vape juice, consider adjusting one of the above factors at a time until you find the culprit. We're always here to help. Give us a call at 888-MAX-VAPE if you want to chat.

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