Does vape juice taste like cigarettes?

There are tobacco vape juice flavors that taste like tobacco, as you would expect. Vaping a tobacco flavor is a bit different because there is no smoke involved in the flavor since there is no burning of leaves in vaping. So, the answer would be yes, vaping can taste like cigarettes, but not exactly.

Here are our current top 5 tobacco vape flavors:

  1. Newpoe by Left Coast
  2. Classic Gold by OFE
  3. Southern Star by Left Coast
  4. Tobacco by You Got e-Juice
  5. Jon Wayne by Uncle Junk's

Note that there are many types of tobacco flavors. Some are lighter, similar to Newport Light flavors while others are bolder. Other vape juice takes on a sweeter tobacco flavor by mixing with vanilla custard. Look for Vanilla Custard Tobacco (VCT) flavors if you think you would enjoy that. Finally, unique ones like Southern Star taste more like the moist tobacco leaf you would find in pipes or chew.

If you're looking to switch from smoking cigarettes, we suggest you try a vaping pod system like the JUUL. Some of these pod systems come with a starter pack of an assortment of flavors, so you can see which would work best for you. There are other pod systems, like those from SMOK, that allow you to fill the pods with your own vape juice. Those require nic salts versions of vape juice, as traditional vape juice will not work well in pods.

Most ex-smokers find the flavor of Newpoe to be the ideal tobacco taste. Left Coast now makes Newpoe in traditional nicotine (0-24mg) and nic salts versions (12mg and 24mg). If you're brand new to vaping, we highly suggest trying a bottle of Newpoe, especially because it is very reasonably priced.

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