Does vape juice get you high?

No, not in the traditional sense of getting high by smoking marijuana, unless the vape juice you have has THC. We do NOT sell any THC products but have seen some THC vape juice at dispensaries in states that have legalized marijuana. If you vape one of these vape juices, yes you will likely get high so be very careful how your vape setup is. Start slow and low.

When you vape traditional vape juice with nicotine, will that get you high? Perhaps. I have found that I can get light-headed based on how much nicotine is in the juice. Unlike a THC high, the nicotine high goes away quickly, usually in minutes. I find that drinking a tall glass of water helps the buzz go away.

If you are a heavy smoker switching to vaping nicotine, that lightheaded feeling may not affect you as you are already accustomed to nicotine. Non-smokers like me will get a bit of a buzz. I can't vape anything over 3mg nic levels because of the buzz and nasty throat hit.

There are many vape juices in 0mg nicotine, which should not give you any head buzz or rush. You're basically inhaling flavored fog. If you do get a buzz, it may be mislabelled vape juice. We have found some smokers who cough hard when first vaping because they over-inhale initially. They adjust pretty quickly.

So, the answer to this popular question is no, vape juice does not get you high unless the vape juice has a psychotropic substance like THC in it.

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