WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Sapphyre Nic Concentrated Unflavored Nicotine Additive

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10% - 0.9ml
20% - 0.9ml
20% - 1.8ml
40% - 1.8ml
Salt Nic 25mg - 0.9ml
Salt Nic 45mg - 1.8ml

Add nicotine to any 0mg (no nicotine) vape juice with these handy packets.

These are Concentrated Unflavored Nicotine Additive Pouches.

Do not vape this liquid alone. It must be mixed into 0mg vape juice based on the table in the product images to reach the intended nicotine strength.

If non-tobacco flavors are banned in your area, you can order 0mg nicotine vape juice and these pouches, then add the amount of nic to your liking.

You can use the handy online calculator here: http://sapphyrenicotine.com/#calc

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