e-Liquid Review - Holy Cannoli, Coco Bolo, Caramel Apple

Again, this month I used our new Cumulus Maximus RDA for tasting. We're almost sold out, but we have another run coming in this week (check it out).

Here are the e-liquids I'm clouding with this month:

The Lost Fog Collection: Baie Crème – This is a new sub-line of Cosmic Fog. I wasn't crazy about Streak (which I think is now Streek), but the two latest releases are killer good. This one has a fruity combination with honey. It's the first honey I found true to the flavor without being too sweet. This is a smooth vape with little throat hit and tons of flavor. Love it.

Ejuice Company: Holy Cannoli – I challenged my friend, JT, to create something from my Italian heritage. He was unfamiliar with cannoli desserts, so off he went around LA tasting cannoli at 20 different restaurants. After much trial and adjustment, he NAILED IT. The dessert is made with creamy ricotta and powdered sugar, with a touch of cinnamon and chocolate. That's exactly what you get when you vape it. It compliments my morning espresso perfectly, and JT uses the finest ingredients and nic. This one is destined to be legendary, and you can't beat the price at only $18 for 30ml.

Wapari Drops: Coco Bolo – I don't recall where I stumbled upon this one, but it's a winner. I'm a big fan of cookies if it's done right. This line captured the sugar cookie with a generous amount of vanilla cream, making it absolutely delish. The liquid is thick, the nic is subtle, and the clouds are huge. It's definitely in the top ten dessert vapes.

Lord Nimbus: Prestige – This juice is manufactured in our area (San Diego), so I had to help a brother out and try it. It's freaking yummy pears and granola. Man, I don't know how they pulled off the granola flavor, but it's there and exceptional when combined with that delicious Bartlet Pear. It's a must-try.

Crème de la Crème: Caramel Apple – This was another line discovered at ECC. Their packaging caught my attention with the blacked-out glass bottle and gold print. Very classy, and the dark glass keeps the light out. That's important when your juice has nic, as sunlight will turn it brown in no time. This flavor brought me back to childhood days at Bushkill Park in Easton, PA. I always begged Mom for a caramel apple, and this juice captures it without tearing out my fillings. Smooth caramel, sweet apple, and a decent throat kick. Ahhh!

That’s it for this month. Vape on, my friends!


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